General terms and conditions


Terms of use

Bonmarks Oy's online shop terms of use for the user and the service provider.

General Information

The Terms of Use apply to the Bonmarks Ltd (also "Service Provider" or "Company") online store (also the "Service"). The Service is owned by Bonmarks Ltd.

Use of the online shop is subject to acceptance of the Terms of Use.

E-commerce content

The online store is a registered service of Bonmarks Oy. The service is targeted at customers interested in lifestyle products.

In the online shop, each product for sale is named and described with product images. 

User responsibility

  • The user undertakes to use the online shop in accordance with the instructions of the online shop.
  • The user must meet the requirements set out in the terms and conditions of subscription and delivery.
  • The user undertakes to provide truthful information about himself/herself on the e-commerce registration form and to correct any inaccurate information without delay.
  • The user accepts the terms and conditions of the order and delivery of the order.
  • The user accepts any changes made by Bonmarks Oy in relation to his/her account.
  • The user is responsible for the consequences of unauthorized use of material protected by copyright of Bonmarks Oy and its partners.

Responsibility of the service provider

  • The service provider is responsible for all content displayed in the online shop.
  • The service provider is responsible for ensuring that all content (images, etc.) presented in the online store complies with Finnish law.
  • The Service Provider has the right to change, update and correct the content and/or rules of the online shop without prior notice to the users.
  • The Service Provider is not responsible for incorrect information provided by third-party services or companies regarding online transactions.
  • The Service Provider is responsible for all Customer Data it accumulates and for its proper storage.
  • The Service Provider may, if necessary, cancel the subscription or refuse the customer's subscription. Abuses will always be reported to the authorities.

Intellectual property rights for e-commerce

All images and text material displayed in the online shop are the property of the service provider and/or its partners. Unauthorised use or reproduction of copyrighted images and text material is prohibited.

Use of cookies

The online shop uses a cookie function, i.e. cookies. Cookies do not harm users' computers or files. Cookies are used to provide customers with information and services tailored to their individual needs. Disabling the cookie in the browser may affect the proper functioning of the services.

Data protection and data processing in the online shop

The service provider will take appropriate care of the processing and storage of customer data. If necessary, you can read more about the customer data collected and stored by the Service Provider in the register description.